Permit Fishing

If you like stalking gin clear flats in search of a challenge then permit fishing is tops.
Permit, large with a dark gray top and a silver side like a bonefish, their sides are broad and the tail is a forked, built for high speed long powerful runs.

Their main diet is a silver dollar size blue crab or live shrimp and other crustaceans and have a special plate in the back of their mouth to help crush the crustaceans.

Permit often travel in schools up to 50 fish and like grass and sand flats in Biscayne bay and the Florida keys. Permit also like deeper wreck and strong tidal flows. Permit commonly found in 2 to 4 feet of water looking for crustaceans on channel edges can be seen floating with their tails out of the water on calm days, It gets no better than that.

A perfect cast is what is needed to get a permit to eat. They are as spooky as a bonefish but twice the size.

permit fishing 01
swordfish 02

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