Dolphin or Mahi-Mahi

mahi mahi fishing 01
One of the most recognizable fish in the world, this beautiful fish brings a tropical feel to your fishing Adventure. What you will see is a vibrant green, blue, and yellow colors showing up in the water Column, it’s one of the most prized game fish because of its fight, colors and taste, it is great table fare. Generally these guys are caught trolling ballyhoo or colored skirts under flocks of feeding birds on the surface that are chasing bait or around Sargasso weed that holds bait.

My preferred way is to find a school and cast top-water plugs and watch them explode on the lure. Dolphin love to chase bait and they travel in schools. Getting into a big school of Mahi is a thrilling experience and when in a feeding school of Dolphin it becomes crazy, fish swimming around the boat looking to be caught and it is a truly fun and exciting time! In a school there can be small barely legal fish that need to be thrown back, gaffers which are 7 pounds up to 15 pounds and then there are big Bull Dolphin that can grow up to 70 pounds, these fish can all be found in one school.

Mahi-Mahi or Dolphin is the fastest growing game fish in the Ocean and a 40 pound fish may only be several years old. Dolphin fishing charters are available in all of our trips and the best time of year on a fishing charter near Boca Raton is March through November and peak time is May and June.

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