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Come and experience some of the best fly fishing in the world, the Florida Keys, Flamingo in Everglades National Park and Miami’s Biscayne bay are all world-renowned places for fly fishing skinny clear water for large Game-fish like tarpon, permit, bonefish, snook, trout, shark and redfish. By the way we also have the best fly fishing for bass in Florida.

Fly fishing saltwater is definitely a challenge. A perfect presentation and knowing how to get a fish to eat your fly is truly an accomplishment. I am a passionate fly fisherman myself, I have been guiding the most seasoned fly fisherman and I also have guided fly fisherman that have little saltwater experience, I have been doing this for 20 years!

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Fish the crystal clear flats of Miami’s Biscayne Bay here we find tailing bonefish sometimes in large schools year round just minutes from downtown Miami. Fishing in spring and summer? Biscayne bay offer some of the best permit fishing in the world. Calm hot mornings bring large schools of tailing permit to the bay, if we are spin fishing then we cast a dollar size crab……if you are an avid fly fisherman this can be a perfect opportunity to cast a crab-fly pattern at a tailing permit.

Tarpon fishing Miami is also an option with tarpon on fly spin and night trips available.

Services offered in Biscayne bay are:
2 people guided sight fishing the flats for bones permit and tarpon
2-4 people guided family fun rod bending trips for tarpon shark, trout, snapper, grouper, snook.
2-4 people 5 hour night tarpon trips

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Fishing Flamingo in the Everglades National Park is an awesome year round opportunity to fish and to catch!

Tarpon, snook, redfish, trout and sharks on the flats are always abundant on fly or spinning gear

Fishing at Flamingo is for everyone not just the skilled angler, Fishing at flamingo Live or dead bait fishing the shallow water creeks can be very productive for the most unskilled angler or youngest of children.

While at Flamingo you should see some of the best wild life Florida has to offer like rosette spoonbills, american crocodile, osprey, bald eagles, manatees, porpoise, stingrays and several hundred species of birds.

Rich in history Flaming dates back to the early 1890s and this is the place I highly recommend and I have been fishing for over 35 years.

Services offered at Flamingo are:
1 person guided sight fishing on fly or spin on the most shallow of flats.
2 to 3 person guided sight fishing the flats in a Hellsbay Marquesa on spin or fly
up to 4 person rod bending fun fishing day.
Shark fishing trips
4,6 and 8 hour trips.

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Saltwater fly fishing requires durable gear to handle large fish and harsh conditions. Fly rods of use are generally an eight or seven weight for species like bonefish, redfish, snook and smaller tarpon. A 12 weight fly rod is used when fishing for tarpon over say 60 pounds. The 30 to 60 pound range we use a 10 weight fly rod. Some of the fly rods have over weighted line, that can make loading the rod and casting a little bit easier if needed on a windy day.

For salt water fly fishing I use Tibor or Ross reels with G Loomis fly rods and I prefer Orvis Hydros or wonder line. But you can bring what ever you feel comfortable with!

I offer fly lessons before hitting the water or on the water. I am an easy-going guide with a lot of patience, I like to teach and I am not hard on the angler.

Captain Jim spends a lot of time in the Everglades Bass fishing and uses 5 weight T.F.O Rods with Sage or Orvis reels.

Tarpon are without a doubt the most exciting fish to catch on a fly rod. Found here year round but peak season is from February to July. The migration normally starts the middle to end of March as fish move from bridge to bridge bouncing off of the banks on the Ocean side of the Keys and up through Florida bay but these fish are spooky in nature and sometimes can be difficult to feed. Clean Oceanside migrating tarpon eat smaller and lighter color flies.

When the migration starts tarpon will fill the back bays and out front of Flamingo and into Florida Bay. I feel that these fish eat flies easier than ocean going migrating fish. Anytime the water is a little dirty you can throw black or purple bunny strips at get laid up Tarpon and get them to eat in Florida bay….. for that to me is the best.

The smaller Tarpon are from 5 to 15 lbs. and inhabit the back bays and and are normally caught on white Clouser Minnows, that can be some of the best fly fishing on and 8 weight that you’ll get.

Snook on fly is a year-round sport in Florida bay, generally June July and August are the best months to find late up large snook on the flats out front of flamingo. Fly rod of choice is an 8 weight and choice of fly depends on the type and water clarity, however I feel that flash and and a fly that has bulk or mass and pushes water is very important to get a snook to eat.I like using E.P. flies on the coast around mangrove roots in deeper water.

Redfish on fly is also a year-round sport in fact most of the fly fishing here is he around sport but redfish and snook are the bread and butter of inshore fly fishing year round. Tailing reds or big schools reds can be a easy way to learn how to sight fish in salt water on fly.

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