Tarpon Fishing

If you like the big violent fish that like to jump then you have come to the right place. South Florida is a known home for tarpon and a very special stopping place in the yearly migration. Tarpon also known as the “Silver King”, range from 3 pounds to 200 and there are different ways to target them. There are many options you may want to consider in help make your trip more successful.

And here are the types of tarpon fishing I do. All types of fishing are depending on time of year and weather so pick what you are looking for.

Tarpon on fly

Miami night trips

Flamingo tarpon trips in the Everglades

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Tarpon on fly

Tarpon on fly speaks for itself! But if you’re not familiar, it is…. being able to present a tarpon fly ( the kind of fly is depending location, water color, temperature and weather and other factors) on normally on a 12 wt fly rod to a very large fishing that once hooked if he eats will violently jump, taking you way into the backing on your fly reel and take you up to 2 hours to land depending on the mood of the tarpon!

I fly fish the clear water of the Florida Keys for migrating tarpon but I prefer to fish for tarpon in the Everglades National Park where tarpon are less “spooky” more friendly, and fish that are more likely to eat a fly. Calm hot and humid mornings will provide plenty of shots at “laid-up” tarpon at Flamingo and it’s normally a little more peaceful.

The best time to fish is from April through July as tarpon migrate from the south to fill the ocean side flats and bridges in the Florida Keys into Florida bay and up the coast.

If the large tarpon are not your game there are plenty of smaller tarpon in the back bays and the flats of Everglades National Park. Average size is 7-10 pounds and these little guys eats flies real well and the season is from April through September.

Pound for pound a great experience on a 8 wt fly rod!

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If you are visiting or a resident this is a very easy and fun way to fish for tarpon. Only minutes from downtown Miami there is excellent tarpon fishing. The prime season is March through July and fishing is good into september.

Live crabs and shrimp are on the menu and fishing around bridges and structure is the best.

Tarpon in government cut are up to 200 pounds, tarpon under the lights are normally 30 to 50 pounds.

Normal starting times vary on the tides of that day with Maximum of 3 anglers.

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Fish for tarpon on spin or fly, the Everglades offers the best fishing South Florida has to offer!

I have been fishing here since I was a kid and I love it every time I go.

Tarpon are here year round, of course the prime time is April through June and into July but December through March can be best. Cooler water on warm calm days is great for fishing. Tarpon tend to come to the surface to warm up a bit and eat. Trolling or casting large Rapala lures is a hit with days of 20 or more hook-ups!

Smaller juvenile tarpon flood the flats in the summer while fishing for snook and reds it is not uncommon to see several hundred little poons in the mix. Light spin on jerk baits or small jigs get the bite.

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