Shark Fishing

If you are into shark fishing then the Flamingo in the Everglades Nation Park has the best shark fishing in South Florida.

How many sharks are there to catch? As much bait as we can catch. We have 20 to 30 sharks days but normally the angler is too burned out from the first 5.

Catch Large Jack and Ladyfish for bait and sometimes that is as much fun.

The flats in the Everglades and in Miami both have sharks but the Everglades is far superior in the number of sharks, these sharks can be targeted on fly.

Average sharks are 4 to 6 feet but we have caught plant of big Lemons at 8 feet.

Target sharks on fly on 12 wt G-loomis rod and Tibor reel, normal fly of choice is a red or Black Creeper fly.

Bull Shark fishing, lemon Shark fishing, Spinner Shark fishing, Nurse Shark fishing, Bonnethead shark fishing, Blacktip Shark fishing we fish for them all.

All sharks are tail wrangled with a rope and brought on board for a quick picture then released back in the water…if you like!

shark fishing 01
swordfish 02

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