Grouper and Snapper

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Grouper is a hard pulling bottom fish that has delicious white firm meat and one of the most sought after fish in South Florida. They make their homes on shallow and deep coral reefs that sunlight will still have an effect on to make the reef grow, also artificial reefs and sunken ships. On a Deerfield Beach fishing charter we can target the deeper reefs and rocks past the 250 foot depth for Snowy and Warsaw. The Snapper we are Targeting on the bottom here on a Pompano Beach fishing trip are mainly large Mutton Snapper on and around the wrecks. Smaller Yellowtail and Mangrove are caught on the shallower reefs.

Best method to catch grouper on the bottom is dropping down live bait on the bottom or around wrecks, but trolling large deep diving lures in the spring can produce large Black Grouper on shallow reefs. There are many types of grouper the most commonly caught on a Fort Lauderdale fishing charter are the Black Grouper, Red Grouper, Scamp Grouper and Gag Grouper and they are caught in 20 feet of water down to 200 feet and that is manageable for clients on hand crank rod and reel. Other types of grouper Like Snowy grouper, Misty Grouper and Warsaw Grouper that live deeper down to 1000 feet and electric reels on heavier tackle is required.

When drift fishing with kites or flat lines off Pompano Beach we do put baits on the bottom to find grouper and Amber Jacks. We do grouper charters in Miami Key Largo and the Dry Tortugas please ask for details.

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