Shark Fishing Charters

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All anglers are welcome to try and tackle the beast of the ocean.

Chumming with blood and guts to attract sharks here in South Florida is popular and challenging. A good current enough blood will bring the beast to the boat but do you have what it takes to catch him on hook and line and release him boat side?

Great Hammerheads, Tiger Shark, Bull Sharks along with other species all swim out in the Atlantic and close to shore and sometimes with people not even knowing how close they are! These are man eaters and can get up to 15 feet long with razor sharp teeth to cut through flesh and leaders. These guys are always looking for an opportunity to eat so we give it to them!

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Want a shark charter?

We get a special “CHUM” mix the day before this makes it easier to bring the real sea monsters to the boat; then it’s your job to bring him in! Normally a party of six anglers will all get shots at catching or at least hooking sharks off the first reef in the Pompano beach area in a half day shark fishing charter.

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