Most Tuna caught in South Florida are the Blackfin tuna, some Yellowfin and Bluefin are caught here in South Florida, and however most of the Tuna caught are Blackfin. Great table-fare and caught year- round most Blackfin’s caught are not over 15 to 20 lbs. pounds but they can grow to 40 lbs.

They are aggressive feeding fish that can be found in large schools busting bait on the surface which attracts birds and other game fish. While kite fishing if we have enough pilchards in our bait well we will start throwing out live pilchards in a way to bring them to the boat. Fishing for Tuna using live bait on a medium action spinning rod is a blast and my preferred way to catch em. Early mornings and late afternoons especially the last hour of the day is the best time of day.

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