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Wahoo are known to be one of the fastest fishing in the Ocean and can swim up to 60 MPH. They have a sleek narrow body and a strong tail, a very large mouth that’s full of razor sharp teeth. Wahoo are known to be all over the world in warm tropical and subtropical waters. Wahoo like structure or anything that holds bait like an oil platform but since we do not have platforms here in south Florida the current edge or upwelling will tend to hold more bait there is where you will find these fish.

They are prevalent on the reef edge here in South Florida in 100 to 300 feet of water or under floating debris in the ocean. It was discovered that Wahoo tend to feed better on high speed baits, Trolling the edge, upwelling or around debris at a high speed at 8 to 18 knots is the way to go.

Since the Wahoo has sharp teeth and can get up to 80 pounds here in South Florida it is recommended to use wire on trolled bait for these fish on heavy tackle. Fall winter and early spring is the best time to target a Wahoo. The Wahoo is known to be great to Eat and is one of my favorite pelagic fish to eat; a white firm meat can be cut into steaks or filleted.

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